Translation and Interpretation

Language Services Policy and Procedures

The provision of language services is intended to facilitate access to information for those who do not speak or are not fluent in English or target language.

Multilingualism is essential for a multi stakeholder organisation meetings, documents and information must be accessible in a variety of languages.

To address this need, Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association in partnership with its members endeavours to provide the service of translation and interpretation to many different languages.

The translations and interpretation services provided are in an informal basis and are not certified. They will be provided by a native speaker of the language that requires translation/interpretation from/to English.

Our services include

  1.  Translation of key print and online materials and publications
  2. Simultaneous interpretation
  3. Teleconference interpretation
  4. Transcription

Languages we translate

The Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association’s working language is English.

We provide translation and interpretation services currently in Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech, Punjabi, Bengali, Turkish, Greek and Russian.

Other languages are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The documents to be translated must be provided in a computerised and editable format.

What is Language Translation?

Translation is the conversion of written text from a source language into a target language, sometimes a locale. A locale is a country- or region-specific variant of a language, for example French as spoken in Canada or Spanish as spoken in Mexico.

What is Language Interpretation?

Interpretation is the conversion of the spoken word from a source language into a target language.

– Simultaneous interpretation is delivered in real time.

– In consecutive interpretation  the target language version is provided after the source version.

– Teleconference interpretation is provided to enhance communication during teleconferences.

What is Language Transcription?

Transcription converts spoken material into written form, for instance when court proceedings are recorded. This includes the transcription of audio recordings.

DGMA Language Services

Translations and interpretations should be accurate and natural. A reader who is unfamiliar with the source text should easily understand the translation. The ideal translation should be accurate, reproducing as closely as possible the meaning of the source text; natural, using nuances of the target language appropriate to the sourceand comprehensive, expressing all aspects of the meaning in a way that is easily understandable in the target language.

To ensure quality control, DGMA Language Services will create a multilingualism awareness program for current and new staff. Board members, staff and community members will sometimes be asked to help monitor the quality of translations. A translation management system allows language service providers to access previous translations, improving quality and streamlining the process.

To ensure consistency and the most accurate translation, DGMA will ensure that the language service providers have knowledge of the vocabulary and terms used on the field or activity involved in the translation.

Services Package



0.12 per word, with a minimum charge of £50



£25 per hour (on normal working hours 9:00am-5:00pm)



£25 per hour (on normal working hours 9:00am-5:00pm)


Transcription (of
recorded sessions)

0.12 per word, with a minimum charge of £50


An estimated quotation will be provided to the client if required.

The client must make the payment at the invoice date.

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