International Women’s Group

Women's Group 18.11.2015

The D&G International Women’s Group was set up in September 2006 after realising a gap in services and demand for change from ethnic Minority Communities.

Aims and Objectives:

The Group has been set up to support all women to raise the profile of issues affecting their lives with the following aims and objectives:

  • To access a wide range of diverse training to improve their skills
  • To integrate into the wider society
  • To have the opportunity to voice their concerns
  • To challenge local and national agendas
  • To overcome isolation, racial prejudice through a serious of sponsored projects in a safe environment
  • To encourage women from all backgrounds to come together and share experiences, by providing them with a wide range of diverse activities that encourage personal, social, health and well-being, emotional and spiritual development to improve quality of life of all women.


CastleTrip to Dumbarton Castle – March 2015

Together we can…

Sue Ryder

Improve the quality of women’s lives by reducing isolation, discrimination, and improve confidence & self-esteem by providing wide range of information and support.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to ensure all women in the community to have a visible voice. By providing women with learning opportunities by accessing a wide range of diverse activities.

Also by attending various leadership programmes and training we hope to improve their confidence and encourage personal, social and emotional growth. The Group provides an opportunity for diverse groups of women to express their needs, their views on services received whilst looking at reducing barriers which will enable them to contribute equally to the big society.

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Energy Saving Awareness session with Home Energy Scotland


Award Nomination for Inspiring Group of the Year

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Time Banking volunteering awareness session


Creative Arts


Ellisland Farm Trip


Walking for Health

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