In June 2003 a number of minority ethnic community leaders, who wanted to raise the profile of diversity and the different cultures in the area, created Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association (DGMA).13775524_275611209479126_5757734164697129858_n

It is an organisation open to all members of ethnic, religious and cultural minority communities in our region as well as organisations and individuals keen to promote the aims of the Association.

Our main aims are:

  • to support people from ethnic, religious and cultural minorities
  • to provide education and training for organisations about minority issues
  • to share information about activities and events across the region
  • to provide services including translation and interpretation
  • to establish a Multicultural Centre as a place to meet and celebrate the special events of our faith and communities

It’s there to help people to integrate into Scottish society and play their full part.

It also works to prevent discrimination and to make everyone aware of the benefits of diverse cultures living together in South West Scotland.

For further information, contact DGMA