NHS Dumfries and Galloway Mental Health Change Programme

Developing Specialist Mental Health Services across Dumfries and Galloway


What is the Specialist Mental Health Services?

This is a secondary specialist service that provides assessment and ongoing specialist care for individuals with severe and persistent mental disorders. It comprises of professionals from a range of disciplines who work together to deliver comprehensive care that addresses individual needs.

The service is largely community based and services are provided either in an individual home or in a homely setting. When admission to a Mental Health inpatient bed is required, this is provided at Midpark Hospital in Dumfries. The Community and Inpatient services works collaboratively to ensure seamless pathways of care between the community and inpatient settings.

It is estimated that mental illness affects more than a third of the population every year. The ageing population is growing, leading to an increase in the number of people with dementia.

Integrated Health and Social Care is developing across Scotland, with a focus on prevention, anticipation, supportive self management and ensuring people remain in or get back into their home or homely setting as close to their community as soon as appropriate.

Community and Inpatient services need to respond to the changing needs of the population, developing clinical expertise, increasing support to carers, providing a range of contemporary treatment and services, and doing this in a responsible, flexible way designed around the needs of service users and carers.

Mental Health Developments

The Mental Health Change Programme will build upon services that have been developing for a number of years including the following:

  • 24/7 CATS (Crisis Assessment and Treatment Services)
  • Psychiatric Liaison Services
  • IDEAS Team (Interventions forAi?? Dementia, Education, Assessment and Support)
  • Home Based Memory Rehabilitation Service
  • Improving access to the service for people with a Learning Disability
  • Increasing support to carers
  • Improving Access to Dementia Services for younger people
  • Developing Centre of ExcellenceAi?? in Dementia Care in Midpark Hospital

Key Messages

The Mental Health Service will continue to develop a person centered, strengths based model of care that meets the needs of service users.

The Mental Health Service will provide a range of services in community settings that ensures timely support is available to service users and their carers.

When admission to hospital is required, services will aim to make this as time limited as possible.

A successful service model relies on strengthening partnership working closely with other statutory, third and independent organisations, which recognises and supports the vital role of carers.


Facts and Figures

Mental Illness affects one in three of the population.

Individuals can and do recover from mental illness or live well with even the more severe and longer term illnesses.

For many years, mental health care has moved away from inpatient treatment to care in community settings, with a significant reduction in Scotland Inpatient beds.

As a consequence of improved healthcare and better lifestyles, people are living for longer.

The number of people with dementia is expected to double between 2011 and 2031.

For any further information please contact:

Mental Health Management Team on 01387 244007