International Women’s Group

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Sue Ryder

The above picture was taken at the Morrisons to fundraising for Sue Ryder.

in the bus


The above was the trip out to Dumbarton Castle with the support from Roots Scotland.

Transport Focus Group


Focus Group on our regions Transport Consultation.



The Creative Writing workshop find out more at



Runner up for the Best Community Group Award 2015.

Lucy Brown

This group meets every Wednesday between 11-1 pm and is open to any woman.

We sometimes have special Yoga Class with Becky Rose Fisher.

Over the months we have hosted speakers from the Children Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) who spoke about promoting good mental well-being in children and teenagers and how their service works to help young people with poor mental health.

We also heard from the NHS Keep Well team about a free health check for carers and for those aged over 55. For more information about this, please contact DGMA.

Weai??i??ve had a chat with a nutritionist and learned some relaxing massage techniques.

We have been facilitating reading for well-being and enjoyment sessions, which has proved to be very successful and helps promote discussion, thought sharing and also confidence.

We have had a visit from the Estee Lauder’s Beauty Consultant – Audrey Simpson who provided a session in skin care and cosmetic use.

We have also took a trip out to the home of Robert Burns at Ellisland Farm.

Please just come along for a warm welcome and interesting discussion over a cup of tea, found out how to share our resources and skills for free with Time Banking, and thought about some great ideas for the New Year. Exercise classes, Food Hygiene and confidence-building courses, and more! Last Year we have had 10 women completed the Food and Hygiene Certificate and Steps for Excellence Course.