Courses are available at the DGMA

We are currently offering the below courses. Please email or phone 01387 254624 for a booking form or for further information.

• Spanish classes will be on every Thursday, Beginner 5.45pm-6.45pm and Intermediate 7pm-8pm,  registration is now open. 8 week course for £50.

• Polish classes will be on every Wednesday 6-7pm, 8 week course for £50.

• Arabic classes started on 4th of February at 7pm every Thursday for 8 weeks, £50 course fee. New block of this course is now open for registration.

• Sign Language for beginner classes is free and open to everyone, every Thursday 4pm-5pm for 6 weeks, registration is now open, course starting on 31st of March 2016.

• ESOL – English Speakers of Other Languages for Beginners is totally free every Wednesday and Friday 1.30pm-3pm.

• We have a new 6 week ESOL course – Learning about the Local Government Structure and Scottish Parliament Structure and its power, registration is now open, learners needs to pass the ESOL beginner level, course starting on 11th of April 2016 between 6.16pm-8.15pm.

• ESOL for Beginners evening classes is now open for registration, it’s totally free.

• DGMA Art classes is free, every Friday 1pm-3pm, although we ask for a donation of 50p for a cup of tea /coffee to raise money to buy art materials.

• Chinese Mandarin Beginners classes and Cantonese classes is open for registration, 8 week course for £50 course fee.

Many thanks,